Thursday, August 12, 2010

The World is Not Safe...for Pancakes

Sometimes there is news that is so disturbing that I can hardly bear to read it or share it.  Such is the case about an incident that happened outside a Bellingham, Washington IHOP restaurant.

It seems that "Suzie Pancake" who is, by the way, the official IHOP mascot, was assaulted by a bystander during the middle of the day.  Suzie Pancake, is really some 19 year old woman wearing a pancake suit (see photo), which is humiliating enough but then to get assaulted just for the way you look is beyond sad.

A 22 year old guy just came up to her and started yelling and hitting the pancake.  Suzie the Pancake could have been torn to pieces had it not been for the actions of  a passer-by who grabbed the young guy and tried to divert him to the nearby Waffle House.  Suzie was unhurt but shaken.

What is happening in our world?  There was a time when people could dress up like pancakes and know that no one would ever hurt them...I think it just shows that the world -- particularly the United States is no longer safe for those that dress like pancakes, or donuts, or bugs, or Disney characters.  I support Suzie in carrying an automatic weapon,  grenade launcher, bear mace, or berry syrup containers when she works so that she can safely walk the streets around IHOP and deal with people who may bite, pinch, slap or proposition her.  

Stay safe, Suzie.

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