Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams

Who made you laugh when you were younger?  I thought my 6th grade math teacher was funny, but I don't think he was really trying to be...also I laughed a lot at myself.  I wrote silly stories and then would read them over and crack up.  No wonder I got a job in mental health.

In between my psychotic moments, I would laugh at Jonathan Winters...I loved his impersonations and his humor.  He is in his 80's now and I have no idea what he is doing, but I bet he still has funny moments.  Found this short little video clip with him and Robin Williams on a young (I mean he still had lots of hair and no scandal regarding women who worked for him), David Letterman show.  It made me laugh just like I did when I was too young for senior discounts.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWfSsV6EjgE&feature=related


  1. Hi, your blog is so funny, love the bio and pics!

  2. Thanks, Tracy...you are very sweet

  3. Funny video! Thanks for the laugh. I totally forgot about that other guy with Robin Williams on Mork and Mindy... that was a great show.