Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is it Ever Too Late?

Recently I had a mild brain dysfunction and agreed to join a local "Beginner's Running Group".  I showed up with my friend and colleague ready to start doing something I have never enjoyed my entire life--running. 

The first day of the class I noticed the average age of the group was probably 35 which should have been a sign for me to return home and watch exercise videos to see how other people do it...but no....I don't go home.  I listen to the Running Coach and start my first day of running.  At the end of the hour workout I am still standing although my lungs and heart are screaming obscenities at me.  I go home, collapse and have dreams about the Olympics.

The next workout day arrives and I commit  to going back and this time the workout is even harder, however a couple of people closer to my age have joined the group so I am no longer feeling like the paramedics are there just for me.  Off I go with the large group of people and soon I am at the back of the pack reminding myself that there was a reason my 4th grade coach advised me to find another interest besides Track.

Now I am in week three and I am feeling like I can remove the EKG machine I have been pushing around the track during practices.  I even thought about signing up for a 2K next month.  I am either experiencing a Runner's High or delusional thinking.

I am writing about my experience to encourage you to never be afraid to go out and do something ridiculous.  I run a 40 minute mile and have other runners constantly asking me if I am okay and it takes me 30 minutes after the group finishes to remember my name and where I live, but I wouldn't quit if they took me out on a stretcher because it makes me smile to think I actually joined a Runner's Group. 


  1. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Good for you, Ms. Hicks. Doing whatever to maintain your fitness is always a good idea--despite the pain and humiliation. Keep at it, Little Olympian! Better to spend 70 minutes running a mile and struggling to regain baseline coherence than to spend 60 minutes watching Dancing with the Stars.

    :-) Brenda