Saturday, March 26, 2011

You May Want to Check Out These Places on Your Next Road Trip...or Not

Today, in case you missed it (on purpose), there was a link on the MSN site for "Weird Roadside Attractions" right here in the good old USA.  So, if you are about to take a road trip you may want to check them out or find a route that avoids seeing them.    Happy travels...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aries Horoscope

If you were a bundle of joy that arrived between March 21 and April 20th, you are an ARIES.  The sign for all the Aries of the world is a Ram although before it was voted on by the ancients, there was talk of the Aries sign being a platypus. Obviously, the Ram won.

Those of the Aries persuasion are responsible, self-reliant, headstrong, and strong leaders.  A few of the better known Aries are Sandra Day O'Connor, Elton John, Loretta Lynn and some guy who sells Buicks named, Oscar.  So, you Aries are in good company.

As the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries are in for lots of "firsts" this year.  Seems you are going to be the first to try out a new idea from Apple.  You, of course, know the iPad and the iPod, but you will be soon be using the new iPoke.  This small, hand held cattle prod device will enable you to poke and prod people to get out of your way without touching them.  Such a fun device and useful, too as it can be effective within a 3 mile range.  Apple is sure this is another winner!

Later in the year, your Moon is aligned with Jupiter and this means you are finding yourself strangely attracted to old fact, you start a whole collection of socks....Past & Present...and try to rent space so that you can display this growing collection of clothing that only you and some woman who named her first born, "Stretch" are interested in.  Fortunately, this phase is time limited...although the lease for your "Socks Space" may have a longer time frame.

As the year twists into the New Year, your 5th house will plunge into your new moon.  This means it is time to move and you have found the perfect least in your present state of astrological influences.  This house is made out of  Fruit Loops, Cheerios and Doritos.  Can you picture it? one can talk you out of this purchase and no one wants to visit or live there.  So, there you have it...a biodegradable house located right outside the city limits of Juarez.  Sometimes the planets do mean things.

So, Aries people, that's all for now.  Happy Astrological Moments!