Thursday, June 30, 2011

Designing Women

I have no idea how my brain works, but sometimes some person or show just pops into it and I have to go looking on YouTube to see what I can find.  Today, Designing Women visited my memory banks and this blog is the result. Designing Women starred Dixie Carter and this scene has Annie Potts and Delta Burke.  It started in 1989 and it was very funny--check it out if you could use a good laugh today.

The Highs of Motherhood

Counselors are supposed to know something about parenting whether or not they have their own children, so I am always on the lookout for some parenting tips and advice.  I was really happy to see this recent article in the New York Post about mothers who find their parenting skills are greatly improved when smoking pot.  Wow...I never thought about suggesting this before but the testimonials in this article are powerful:

A Park Slope mother of two young boys says, "It can help you look at your kids in a more positive light."

Another mother says that smoking pot brings about greater and deeper understanding and appreciation between mother and child:  "I have had moments where I felt like I could communicate with him better, back when he wasn't talking--we'd have a silent, eye-contact kind of conversation."

When I was a child, Dr. Spock (not from Star Trek), was the expert in child rearing, but he left out that chapter on the power of smoking pot, which is, according to "Moms for Marijuana" much better than drinking or prescription drugs.  I guess being a completely sober mother is simply not an option.

For more details on Parent Tokes and Tips click the link below.