Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Secret Lives

I saw an episode last night on Primetime about a guy who seemed like a great husband, friend, church goer, father and then he suddenly disappeared.  His wife, kids, co-workers, friends went on a frantic search to find him fearing the worse.  What they found out several weeks later was he had been building another, and secret which he identified as bisexual,  "swinger" with several internet sites where he solicited "hook ups" with a whole different identity.  In the show, he was eventually found in L.A.and the reporter wanted to talk with him and find out why he didn't just divorce his wife, and leave...why create such a dramatic exit?  The guy, whose name is hard to recall because he had several of them, was not willing to talk and share his reasons.

I remember watching Charles Kuralt who did "On The Road" feature for CBS news for years.  I loved his visits to out-of-the-way places and interviews with people. After he died in 1997 his long time wife found out that Charlie had a secret life--and wife--and children and house where they lived. Evidently,  Charles was doing more than just traveling the back roads of America in his Motor Home!  Since he was dead he never got to be interviewed and explain why he wanted to maintain two separate lives.

My question is how do you find the time to create, much less develop a secret life?  I mean I don't have time for my own life, much less to create a new one that I am actively engaged in.  How do people do it and manage to keep their two lives separate and secret?  I get overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I am obviously not a multi-tasker.

I am going to get a hold of the guy from Primetime--as soon as I can figure out his name--and suggest that he stop doing whatever he is doing to make a living and start writing a book about Time Management.  I mean the guy is a genius and could make a bundle.  I would call his book:  There is Always Time For Another Life...