Monday, August 30, 2010

Toltec Truck Stop

Sometimes life gives you opportunities you would not seek on your own.  For example, a week ago I was on my way to Tucson to visit friends and got a phone call from one of them (also enroute to Tucson) saying her car was having some problems and was I nearby in case she needed to leave the car and drive back with me.  Luck would have it that I was not far from her and so I pulled into the nearest place to escape the heat and wait to hear if I needed to pick her up--the Toltec Truck Stop.

Now, I must admit I have never spent any time in a Truck Stop.  I found the entire experience, enlightening.  My first encounter was with a woman whose lip ring made it difficult for her to clearly enunciate her words.  She worked at the A & W Root Beer Stand.  I love Root Beer and there was a tap on the counter which said to me the Root Beer was freshly brewed, so I ordered one.  Lip Ring gave me an empty cup and pointed me in the direction of the beverage dispenser.  So, I asked if the Root Beer in the dispenser was the same as in the tap.  She was undoubtedly tired of talking at this point so all I got was a head nod.  Off I go to the dispenser only the A & W Root Beer there was Diet--which I didn't want.  So, I wandered back and asked for regular, not diet Root Beer.  She didn't seem to comprehend this request, so I repeated it and I think the 2nd request woke her up and finally I got my Root Beer.  I think it must be hard to remain conscious when you only have 1 customer every hour or so.

I sat for awhile drinking my Root Beer and then decided to check out the "store" in the place.  I never knew there were so many appliances available to Truck Drivers.  This store had a variety of cooking stoves, crockpots, grills, blenders, fryers, refrigerators, wine coolers--all of which plugged into the cigarette lighter!  It was incredible.  Now I know why some times you will see truck drivers driving fast or all over the road--they are probably trying to drive while attempting to cook a gourmet meal.

Probably the most interesting thing was the book section in the Truck Stop.  I expected some books that were funny or had adult content but most of them were religious and about God and the Road..  I loved some of the titles:  Jesus was a Trucker; God Owns the Highway; The Lord is My Back Seat Driver.  My favorite title was Gas is an American Right.  I can't wait for that one to be made into a movie.

There was more to explore at the Toltec Truck Stop, but my friend called and I had to leave.  I bid goodbye to Ms. Lip Ring (she didn't respond) and took one long last look at the place that I don't believe I will ever willingly visit again.