Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Bear Story....

People love bears and bear stories and this summer there have been quite few of them, but this might be the best one of all.  Seems that in British Columbia, somewhere near the U.S. Canadian border, police found two marijuana fields with about 2,300 plants.  They wanted, of course, to get rid of them, but they couldn't even get near them because wandering through the fields were 13 black bears.

One of the head investigators said "...the bears were docile..."  Yeah, I bet...they were having a great time hanging out in those fields!  The Royal Mounted Police think the bears were planted there to guard the fields and plants, but I think some bear was wondering through the forest and came upon these plants and called his friend "Dude...I found something that is better than berries and salmon--really".  And before you know it, there was a party happening with every bear in the neighborhood.

The party, is now over...the bears are back to a more conventional diet and the Royal Mounted Police have taken care of the plants that remained after the bears vacated the party!

Party Bear...after the party!!

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