Monday, August 2, 2010

Justin Bieber's Memoir

Justin Bieber is writing his memoir.  Yeah, I guess he feels he has a lot to share for his 16 years of existence and he wants people to know how he developed his fame, fortune and hairstyle.

Forgive me Justin, but I don't want to read your short story about how you got noticed on You Tube and how you have 12 year olds tossing their training bras at you.   I want to read a book about how to find treasures at Garage Sales that make you millions.

In case you didn't read about it, there's this guy who 10 years ago is at a Garage Sale in California and sees a couple of boxes of glass photography plates selling for $75.  He unwraps a few of them and decides to barter..$45 later he takes the boxes and goes home.  Today those plates (which have been authenticated as belonging to Ansel Adams) are worth around 200 million dollars.

Wow...I want that guy to write a memoir on how to pick treasures from trash.  I want to know all of his secrets and I want him to also interview folks who show up on Antiques Road Show with their $4 purchases that are worth half a million dollars.

I go to garage sales and I look in the crappy boxes to see if a treasure is there but honestly all I see is trash.  I look at old paintings and all I can think of is Motel 6 decor.  I have no idea how or where to look for a treasure.  I am a master at purchasing crap that is, and will always remain, crap.

So, Justin...your book is not on my reading list, but if that Ansel Adams' photography plate guy writes his memoirs I am buying it and the sequel and the CD.  I am ready....

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