Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finding the Right Profession

You have to make sure that the profession you are choosing is a good fit...I mean you want a surgeon who is good at anatomy;  a chef who can really cook; a counselor who isn't psychotic, and so on.

I wrte this because the other day I found an article about a burglar who really needs to find a new profession.  Seems this guy, who is 44 and should have figured this out by now, broke into a home in Delaware that he had broken into back  in April.  Obviously he liked the place and since no one was home he made himself comfortable and stayed a few days.  He also drank alittle bit--3 bottles of Gin; 2 bottles of whiskey.  He was having a great time...until he decided it was time to leave.  He was so drunk he couldn't climb back out of the window through which he entered the house, so he did what any drunk burglar would do--he called 911.   

This burglar is now in jail and hopefully getting career counseling.  

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