Monday, January 3, 2011

The End of the World is Coming!

I am not a great planner, and so when I read articles telling me that the End of the World is coming, I am always a bit unsure what to do. 

I just read an article regarding the date when the End of the World will happen.  Yup...the date is May 21, 2011.  Evidently there is a guy, Harold Camping who has calculated the date from his reading of the Bible.  Harold is, by the way, a retired civil engineer who is 89 years old and believes the Bible functions as a "cosmic calendar" for unfulfilled prophecies.  He is very busy spreading the word about THE DATE and trying to help people to be "saved" before the big day.  

I happen to be busy that day--my partner has a birthday on the 21st, so I can't put the End of the World down on my calendar, but maybe some of you are free and want to be ready just in case.  There is no time mentioned by Harold, so you may want to keep the entire day free. For more information and tips on planning the day, check out:


  1. Well, if it's Little G's birthday - that takes precedence over this yucky end of the world stuff - Let's party!

  2. I am with vs. end of the world stuff