Friday, November 26, 2010

A Seasonal Favorite -- The Snuggie

There are always great gifts you can purchase throughout the year if you are willing to leave whatever you are watching on TV and grab your credit card and make a call.  It is interesting that most of these products are only advertised late at night or early in the morning--I guess they know when the "special people" are watching.  

Personally one of my favorite products is the Snuggie which now is sold in every drug store and Walmart in the country.  I actually do not know anyone who owns one, but someone out there is buying them because they are everywhere. 

Ellen DeGeneres and I share some of the same thoughts about the Snuggie only she is able to share her thoughts with 2 million people a day whereas my readers usually hover around two or three, but it is growing--I hope.  So, here's Ellen's take on the Snuggie:

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