Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Southern Fried Chicks

Doing stand-up comedy has to be a real challenge.  People go to a comedy show expecting to laugh.  Talk about pressure.  It has to be hard to stand up in front of a glob of people who are just watching and waiting to laugh...and that's the good news.  The bad news is if they are not watching or waiting but texting, sleeping, or leaving.

If you look around there are more male stand-up comedians than female.  Must be as hard for women to break into that field as it is to become President in this country.

I found this clip of four women who collectively call themselves "The Southern Fried Chicks" and thought I would share it.  Could only identify 3 of the women:  Etta May, Sonya White and Beth Donahue, so if you know the fourth woman, let me know.  The clips are fairly short and each woman has a very different style.  So, here's to the women who brave the world of stand-up:

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