Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starbucks--Can You Say Crazy Macchiato?

I was once persuaded by the reminders my creditors were sending, to take a job with Starbucks as a Barista.  I managed to survive the training which included the making of all the drinks and learning the Starbucks language.  Frankly, I was the slowest drink maker in the entire history of the company and my Starbucks language skills often required the help of the store translator. 

Still my work ethic and desire to not have my electricity turned off propelled me into doing the best job I could possibly do. I was friendly, made great foam and would try to help customers who needed assistance in understanding the 3,098 options listed on the menu board. I really liked what I did for awhile...until the Ugly Customer started showing up more and more on my shifts.  The Ugly Customer is any Starbucks person who is just plain crazy and demanding.  I usually don't react to people who are mean and hostile but when I found myself purchasing a holster to carry my whip cream dispenser for protection and revenge, I knew it was time to leave.

Today I saw a You Tube video that brought it all back to me...and when I called my therapist she told me to write about and share it anyone I could in an effort to move through the pain.  So here it is....

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