Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Horoscopes

Another month and another horoscope 'cause those stars and moons just won't stay still.  If you joined the world in July then you are either a Cancer or a Leo both of which are delightful signs in the Zodiac.

Let's start with those of under the influence of Cancer -- Cancers are loyal, trustworthy, complex and full of surprises.  Cancers make great friends, employers and financial advisers.

Right now, Cancers are experiencing a Juxaposition of their Moon and Jupiter.  This can only mean one thing--it is time to stop thinking and start doing.  Perhaps it is time to build an addition onto your home, or to take a shower, or start drinking or pay your taxes.  Whatever you have been putting off needs to move into the Action Mode.   The Stars say "it is time".

Also, Cancers are needing to start paying attention to how they look....yeah, that is right.  You see your left hand is in opposition to your right hand and Pluto.  This means it is time to start looking fine.  Toss out those dull leisure suits and boring browns, and grays.  It is time to shine, and that means COLOR!  Reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, lime green---all the colors of the fashion rainbow.  Don't be afraid to make yourself look like a taxicab in Thailand!  It is your time to be noticed even if all you get are people looking at you and shaking their heads.  Shine on....

For Leos there are things happening in the moonbeams.  Leos do not like to be alone...no, never.  They love excitement, and attention and like to be in control.  Lions are not docile and passive--they are out there and they are in charge.

Right now, Leos are having some alignments between their 7th and 8th houses and  some kind of asteriod, which means there is a lot going on in Leoville.  Leos are going to feel the pull to work on their relationships with people they don't like.  Yes, that means you Leos are going to play "nice-nice" with people who irritate, annoy, aggravate and just plain make you sick.  The stars say it is time to build peace in the world and Leos have to lead the way...at least until the planets and other astrological things shift a bit.

 Another thing happening for Leos is the Sun Sign has found its way to the forefront of your chart.  This is not easy, but you will find you have no choice but to start watching Infomercials all night long for at least three months.  Yes, and you will tempted to order things that you never wanted -- juicers, hair replacement plugs, laundry additives, music from the Dark Ages...and the list goes on. It will be a time of no sleep and rude remarks from your loved one.  Good luck...

May the Stars Shine Upon You...

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