Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cherry Pit Spitting Contest Winners!

There are many competitions in the world--World Series, World Cup, Tour de France, and the hardy recognized  "Annual Cherry-Pit-Spitting Competition" held in Eau Claire, Michigan.  Once again, Rick "Pellet Gun" Krause won--his 16th win.  He spit his cherry pit 51 feet, 3 inches.  Wow...he is gifted, and his wife, Marlene took first place in the Women's division spitting her pit 34 feet, 6 inches--her 7th win. 
Their  training regime evidently is a year round  event and since cherries are seasonal they have to practice with different kinds of pits--date pits, apple seeds, prune pits and in the winter months, they spit ice cubes. 

This competion started 37 years ago when the founder was undoubtedly under the influence of something, and has managed to continue and attract people whose athletic abilities are questionable.  If interested in competing, please first seek professional help.

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