Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aquarians

If your birthday is January 20th to February 18 you are nothing less than a child of the stars!  The Zodiac sign for Aquarius is some guy with little clothing pouring water out of a big jug.  So you would think Aquarius is a water sign, but is full of Air and those of you who live with Aquarians know what I mean.

This is quite a birthday year for you...oh yes.  This year your 7th house is aligned with Mercury.  This means you are starting a cottage industry.  Yes, you are going to start building cottages and doing God knows what with them once they are built.

About midway into the year, Jupiter is going to be oppositional of your ruling plant, Uranus...which is kind of embarrassing to talk about.  Seems you are obsessed with Pee Wee Herman who nobody remembers but you.  This obsession is going to lead to additional time in your therapist's office and hopefully Uranus and Jupiter will make up soon so you can have a life.

The last part of the year, Mercury is waning and whining through your moon.  This means you are going to grow a Unibrow and start dressing like Lady GaGa's mother, WuWu.  These new outfits will amaze your friends and scare your co-workers, but remember Aquarius people like to try on new ideas, so this should be right up your astrological alley.

Happy Planets...

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  1. Very funny! Can't wait for more!