Friday, November 5, 2010

Gun Control for Sleep Walkers

You have to watch it when you talk about Gun Control because  alot of people want to cough up a hairball any time you even hint at the need for it.  I have heard all the reasons against it:

1.  It is our right to bear arms...okay, whatever.  I really don't ever think about bearing arms; actually I don't think about bearing anything.
2.  The bad guys will always have guns.  Probably so...usually bad guys find ways to get whatever they want but I am not sure an arsonal at home or having a shoot out with bad guys is the way to go. Just sayin'.
3. I feel safe with a gun in my hand, my home, my life.  Okay, I understand that need to feel safe.  I feel safe with a debit card, money in my bank and John Denver tunes on my iPod.  Except for the John Denver tunes, nothing I have will harm anyone else.
4. The Government isn't going to tell me what to do.  My favorite argument.  Some people resent regulations and rules but if there is a problem they get upset if the government doesn't help out.  Funny how that works.

I must admit I believe that some people are just dumb and should be bubble wrapped as soon as they reach the age when they can leave home without parents keeping them on a leash.  Sad but true...

As for guns, here's my latest plug to support gun control for people.  Some guy in Boulder Colorado shot himself with a shotgun while sleepwalking.  This 63 year old guy keeps a 9 mm near his bed (I keep a glass of water and my phone...just personal preference I guess) and obviously a shot gun nearby.  Evidently Mr. NRA took some medication to help him sleep and at some point was awakend to a loud "bang" and realized he shot himself and called the police.  Oops...those loaded guns nearby may be there to protect but this time the "bad guy" was just sleepwalking.

Oh well, with the election over I am absolutely sure that no legislation for gun control will be even whispered in the Halls of Congress.  So I am sure I will have more gun stories to share for the next couple of years.  Stay tuned.

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