Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happiness = $75,000

There was a new study done by an Economist and Psychologist at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School that says people who make $75,000 a year or more are not really happier than those who make less but that making $75,000 or more makes money less of a problem or a concern and of course, reduces stress that only poverty and low income can create. So, the higher the income, the easier life becomes--wow--who would have thought?

They went on to say that no matter what you make, for "every 10% rise in annual income moves people up the satisfaction ladder", (the scale they used to measure satisfaction).  Okay, now I really feel badly...I don't make close to $75,000 and I have never had a 10% increase in salary.  I want to cry.

 The question I have is who thinks up this kind of research?  I mean ask any fourth grader who is impoverished if he is as satisfied as his classmate who has his own cell  phone, high definition television, and iPod?  It is doubtful he will say "I feel that material things are not as important as the strength of your character".  Give me a break.  We live in world where money is so seductive people lie and steal to get it, so if you make enough to pay for food, housing, luxuries and have money left over, life is good and $75,000 sounds like a great salary to me.

So, based upon this wonderful study I am going to the President of where I work and have a chat.  I am sure he will be willing, once I explain that my happiness and life satisfaction would clearly increase if I was making $75,00 a year, to increase my salary.  Thanks, Princeton boys for this helpful and encouraging piece of research. I guess now we know the price tag for world peace, $75,000 a person.


  1. you know...75000 a year sounds pretty good. maybe just thinking that number makes me happy...yeah..that's it