Friday, June 18, 2010

The News of the Day- -- SpaghettiOs !

Forget the NBA Finals, forget the Gulf Oil Spill, forget AZ's crazy immigration law, the big news today is about SpaghettiOs recall. What will this country do without SpaghettiOs with artificial bits of meat in them?

I am opposed to the dumping of SpaghettiOs as it seems such a waste.  Instead why doesn't Campbell run a contest to make SpaghettiO sculptures?  I mean, think about, adults, people with no life, could pick up a few cases of the bad stuff and create works of art that could be displayed in public parks, the homes of politicians or even at the Smithsonian.  Of course, to protect some demented adult or child from eating the sculptures they could be sprayed with oil from the Gulf (that would solve another problem), or polyurethane or vegetable oil--whatever.

SpaghettiOs are not really a food anyway so why not take them and create something that will bring smiles to  people who don't know any better.  It is time to take a bad thing and make it into something beautiful.  SpaghettiOs rock!

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