Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Horoscope for June

If you have a birthday in June, well good for you.  You are either a Gemini or Gemi or a Cancer or crab.  Tf you are having a birthday in June you will be overjoyed to know that your moon is rising in your house...so put the breakables away.  Also it is possible that your 4th house is considering moving.  Such is the way of the stars.

Right now if you are considering a job change, there are opportunties on your horizon.  Looks like some of the hottest jobs are:  Clown, Cow Bell Ringer, and trying out for the new hit show, Dancing with the Losers (it is really kind of pathetic but it's a job).

Also there are stars jumping all through your sign this month so it is a great time to think about getting some kind of animal.  Looks like a goat or small rodent or a Unicorn would be your best bet.  Animals, you know can be great companions and sometimes can be your best friend, especially if you don't have a best friend.

June birthday folks, this is a month to celebrate the development of the toothpick.   Yes, some guy in the stone age ate a lot of meat (origin unknown) and then spent 5 months making a small tree limb tiny enough to pick his teeth.  What a guy and what an invention.

Happy Juners!


  1. Well, a goat would eat the garden, and a small rodent wouldn't last long around here, so I guess a unicorn is it! (actually no birthday this month)

  2. Unicorns are the easiest of all animals to care for...it's like they are not even there